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The Outlaws- Green Grass & High Tides

Published on 03 Mar 2021 / In Music

This is The Outlaws singing Green Grass & High Tides. The video takes you back to the good days when everyone was free equally. Imagine this freedom because no other nation has know its like. The History which isn't taught is that America signed a crooked deal with a group of Marxist murderers when President Woodrow Wilson signed The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 and even he was scared afterwards when he realized the full impact on what he had done. The money you have in your pockets right now no matter where you are is just worthless paper created by these Jews. They create the money at no cost to themselves and simply pass I.O.U. notes from one bank to another across countries when creating new money. Each of these banks are owned by the sons of Lord Rothschild. They didn't have money to start with, certainly not enough to fuel a nation, but what they did was to place a tax upon every dollar so that you are paying them with your hard work every time you spend their money. It places everyone in debt to Jews which no one can escape from. It allows these Jews to take from you anything of wealth or property you own. President Wilson said, quote, "I have unwittingly betrayed all Americans by giving the controls to all departments to a few hard men". These controls are of police departments and even Presidents. Within a month of the December 24th 1913 signing of our Currency Laws these Jews paid over a billion dollars to hire a mercenary army to murder the Czar in Russia. They did more than that; they murdered 100 million White Russians. The News Sources and Movie studios are all owned by Jews which allows them to lie to you everyday and they never told it in the news that they were killing people in the worst possible ways, torturing them to steal their valuables and they built the worlds largest death camps in Russia. They established a Jewish Regime of power in Russia through murder. Next they murdered 19.5 million people in Ukraine. When Adolf Hitler came to office in 1933 these same Jews at The Federal Reserve had already signed the Balfour Declaration which made Germany lose WW1 and their entire Treasury and they had held the Treaty of Versailles. This ability to create the money everyone uses gave them controls of any nation issuing their currency. They starved millions of Germans to death. Adolf Hitler simply refused to issue currency from Jewish Banks and this ended the tyranny. Jews cannot control nations where their money isn't issued so they declared war against Germany to reestablish their bank. After more than 200 million Whites were murdered because of this system of currency from Rothschild the police of America began imprisoning us Whites here, saying we are guilty of crimes which their courts do not have to prove, Jews though aren't held prisoner for their very real crimes and they aren't prosecuted because these currency laws protect them, keep them above the laws of any nation to prosecute. Jews are trying to end the White race in every way possible with their paid off police forces. Germany knew 12-15 years of peace and happiness beneath Adolf Hitler, upper and poor classes were ended and, he brought the nation out of poverty into greater prosperity by creating his own money. This new money Hitler created shows us that any nation can become wealthy if only they can end their currency laws from Rothschild.

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frogsgottalent 1 month ago

" They work more effectively against us than the enemy's armies. They are a hundred times more dangerous to our liberties and the great cause we are engaged in... It is lamented that each state long ago has not hunted them down as pest to society and the greatest enemies we have to the happiness of America. " - GeorgeWashington speaking about theJews. # OpSaveGaza, LocateThehacked MEGA files with over30000 operationalMoss adNames, addressesEmail phonenumbers worldwide including USA. Original source closed but info still available for those who look. Great song !

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DARRYL DUNCAN 1 month ago

It goes to show that not even Presidents could touch them. They must have assassins standing by at all times ready to murder the families of men like George Washington should they even try to stop them. People everywhere will know what to do if any enemy attacks America and we will not be looking at them either. Whatever nation attacks America is not the enemy. They could only help take out our enemies.

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