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The Murder of Daniel Shaver by Zogbot Traitor Philip Brailsford

Published on 29 Mar 2021 / In Police State / J.W.O.

Germania: History of the Third Reich

The Invasion

The Great Replacement

Brenton Tarrant: The Full Film - Biographical Documentary of the Australian Saint

MEGA link with red pills and information

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DARRYL DUNCAN 2 days ago

Check this out about the police. In 1984 I paroled home from a TN State Prison. I went to live with my granddad 300 miles away just so I would be far away from all the crooked police where I grew up in West TN. 3 Sheriff's vehicles came by one day saying they wanted to question me at the jail but they said there was no charges against me. When they tried to force me into one of their cars I ran from them. 3 days later they saw me and over a dozen cops began shooting at me while I was running. I felt the bullets by my head so I knew they were trying to kill me. My legs tangled up in some kudzy vines and I fell headfirst down an old well. These police dragged me in front of a judge and charged me with JAIL ESCAPE. I had never even seen their jail because I was just visiting down there. They made me stay in their jail 14 months 12 days.

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NedsHead 5 days ago

Burn them all alive, nothing less is acceptable

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DARRYL DUNCAN 5 days ago

This is old but this is the way the police have always treated us Whites long for many decades before the first PC and Smartphones were made. No newspaper in America ever tells you what we Whites have been saying about the police for a hundred years and that is because all of these medias are owned by Jews who also pay the salaries of all police. All money is simply the creation of a Jew living in England named Rothschild and all banks issue his money. This is everything to do with both World Wars, the dictatorship we live beneath because of Jews being allowed to manufacture their own money for everyone to use. The police are horrible to us Whites. They manufacture crimes against us Whites everyday and we are always made to SUBMIT to all police. We can't hardly move from our houses to any place in the cities we live in because of these police who are always pointing their guns at us.

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southern1861 22 days ago

The police are out of control. Jew loving pricks.

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WhiteMiasma 23 days ago

Can't watch. This is why you most fight and die with honor or lay down totally and do nothing at all.

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