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R.C. Collier
Published on 18 Apr 2021 / In Uncategorized

⁣“The Lie of Limited Government” speech delivered by Mike Peinovich to the 4th mass meeting of the National Justice Party on April, 10, 2021.

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Ghost of Violence
Ghost of Violence 18 days ago

at 36 he noted that trump lost,
then he says,
"this is why we are targetted,
but this is why we can win."

it's that last line that i find disturbing,
because it says to still go back to the failed lying system,
with ALL of its jew controllers, jews, masons, niggers, mestizos, anti-whites;
he's saying go to their system, bow to their police and enforcers,
fill out paperwork to them, obey all of their bogus laws,
then vote,
and "we" can "win".

i cannot go to n.korea and "win" an election,
i cannot go there and work under their system and get anywhere at all.
but if i were s.korea i could wipe n.korea's army and govt off the face of the earth,
and actually liberate the people there, re-join with them,
and "we the people" would "win". under a different system than n.korea has,
and under 100% different persons in that system.

peinovich is either yet another shill or he is yet deceived, which is it?
i'll leave you to study and ponder;
my thought is "mike the kike" at this point.
i'm open to new info but it would be hard to convince me otherwise on this person.

again i say if you step up to the mic - you are TRYING to LEAD a movement, a people.
i don't accept mike as any leader for me, based on what i posted on this thread.

for those who read the kjv, there are stories in there where the Lord implored upon
His people to NOT have a king, but they clamored for one,
they shirked their responsibility to lead themselves;
they ended up with a tyrant, and suffered.

i thank RC for the upload because i need the info to study and learn.

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Ghost of Violence
Ghost of Violence 18 days ago

okay at 25,
i fully agree william buckley was a fake conservative shill plant always,
i sussed this out years ago watching him myself. i didn't know he was cia but
i can easily believe that.
and i can easily believe jew barry goldwater is another, i don't know him at all yet just the name.

he says
"so where did the concept of limited government come from?
it didn't come from america,
it didn't come from conservatives.
it isn't spoken about until the 1950s..."

COMPLETE LIE, 1776, the constituation, 100% of america was exactly founded
on "LIMITING" the powers of whatever government model we chose to go with;
they hadn't even known what model yet but the first order of the day was
to write a constitution that was a set of rules UPON the government,
the constitution is not a list of rightes for the people.
THIS IS KEY - the constitution was rules upon the government, "LIMITING" their power.
they were not to have a dea, an irs, or an atf;
they also were not to have ANY cops of any kind whatsoever,
read Section 8 it lists the only "forces" allowed,
a permanent navy, a 2 year army made up of MILITIA, ZERO COPS, zero standing army.
airplanes not yet invented but would've have instantly fallen under the navy
as a travel and border protection.

i will continue to listen to the end of the vid and continue to post if i find anything else of danger. yes MUCH of what he says is good, but a plate of food with one teaspoon of poison = sickness or death.

a note on cops: ben franklin was the first to try and make a national police force, the others shot his idea down VEHEMENTLY, but he was able to make the first police force for his city philadelphia, paid by his riches and beholden to him. THAT'S THE PROBLEM. franklin was a fucking evil liar, he burns in hell with abe lincoln and others.

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RobertCoxswain 19 days ago


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RobertCoxswain 19 days ago

A question for anyone willing to answer, would a man in his position be unaware of Jewish tactics, and unwittingly wear the biscuit of betrayal on his knoggin?

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Ghost of Violence
Ghost of Violence 5 days ago

i believe he has known since at least 1982, i have to give credit to adam green who showed a vid from 1982 which is BEFORE trump was very famous for anything at all,

and trump proudly displays what he called his most proudest achievement ever,
and it was a plaque from the kikes thanking him for so much service to the kikes.
and i'm like - what has he done for them at that point? nothing, yet.
i suspect/theorize it was he SIGNED ON with them to do IN THE FUTURE whatever they commanded. iow, the proverbial deal with the devil, and 1982 is when he made that jump.

as you can witness, from 1982-on he became richer and more famous and more powerful the entire time until pinnacle reaching the presidency.

curiously though the video from which that screenshot is taken, he looks uncomfortable with the wall process, and there are 2 dorky overly giddy faggy kikes with him, they are super happy and giddy and trump is like, this is shit, wish i wasn't here.
imo - HE REGRETS his decision to sign on with satan, but i don't think he can get out.
i think kanye west regrets it, and can't get out.
i think charlie sheen, members of the band muse, and many others, want out, and can't get out.

and i wonder if jfk, who's father was a corrupt asshole, decided to tell the nwo to fuck off. just speculation.

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Ghost of Violence
Ghost of Violence 19 days ago

TLDR warning.

i'm only 12 minutes in and will continue, but i have a major red flag.

the story of caligula - the state had chaos and problems,
caligula acted peaceful and said he would and could fix it if they gave him full central power,
they gave it to him,
then he began slaughtering them.

mike talks against "limited government", and wants government empowered more.

he gave examples of repubs NOT doing things they should do, claiming they were limited;
then doing things they should not (push leftist agendas).

this is repubs not doing limited govt, they were limited to stop evil but unlimited to push evil.
they lie when they claim "limited".

at 12 mike says:
"why should anyone respect a philosophy (limited govt),
that generates these kinds of outcomes? there's no reason!"

he just lied. that philosphy did not generate this,
the lying of the repubs generated this.
they refused to act against evil,
but they acted mightily against good.
they did not do "limited govt", they did selective power,
and the selections were against morality and pro-degeneracy.
against americans and pro-israhell.

richard spencer said, "we need an elite".
the mentor of jared taylor sam dickson said, "we need an elite".
abraham lincoln created centralized govt.
the south wanted to remain DE-centralized govt.

the existence of cops is centralized;
my mantra 15yrs now is *** all men militia -- no man a cop ***,
fully decentralized.

i will not be ruled by a mob,
i will not be ruled by elites,
i will not be ruled.

i can be led, by a person who proves their methods work.
i will take advice, from a person who has shown they are wise.
i will listen to most anyone, and i retain the right to reject what they say as incorrect.

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RobertCoxswain 19 days ago

Controlled or kikes, all of them.

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19 days ago

That’s why he is called Mike the Kike.

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WhiteNatMill 20 days ago

I believe the emergence of a third party that is in competition with the Conservatives is meant to further divide the nation, and tip us into full-scale hot civil war. I say, it’s about fucking time.

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R.C. Collier
R.C. Collier 20 days ago

Civil War 2 was inevitable when they started to bring in the mud people.

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Vlad1431 19 days ago (edited)

Bolsheviks worked tirelessly to reshape the American landscape without ever electing a candidate. Acronym NGOs are ubiquitously continuing at this very moment. No fighting is necessary if we can simply retain free speech to air grievances and to manifest a world view. While stifling free speech and curating the news, a smoldering war of replacement has been occurring for decades or more, with only a small, dedicated group actually reporting on it.

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Ghost of Violence
Ghost of Violence 19 days ago

@Vlad1431: i agree except for "without electing a candidate", unless i'm reading it wrong. looking at the persons in fed govt and state govt i find 70% are jew, the whites that aren't ashkens are masons, and the rest are black, mestizo, indian, iow: all non-white and all anti-white. just my observation. the fact that majority are jew SHOULD have woken up whites, sadly only peeps on sites like this seem to even know - they only blame blacks for blm, they go "wha?..." when you shown them blm leaders are black AND JEW AND HOMO. ie: my fking neighbor the "christo" pastor who thinks jews are special.

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