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The legend of America

Published on 08 May 2021 / In Uncategorized

⁣The legend of America

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Arier53 1 month ago

Adolf Hitler was right!

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TheThinkingTree 1 month ago

About? Man so right he got his followers killed on mass and dragged into profanity.

Sounds like more then a few wrongs were made in there.

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DouglasMuller 26 days ago

@TheThinkingTree: you have a duty to thoroughly research a topic before formulating a conclusive opinion people used to face execution voicing incorrect judgments in a public venue . Yours in a real world just deserves a good ol slap across your bitch face and told to get back to studying and you get your facts straight before opening your stupid little mouth. I'm not argueing with you nor will I try to convince you. Grow up go over all the information and use your brain instead of your mouth. You might learn thing two around here. I certainly have

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