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rambetter 10 days ago

My 9mm bullets discriminate in that they prefer to enter the heads of jews.

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DARRYL DUNCAN 3 months ago

Do the Jews not want to send their children to school with Niggers? Come on now, if Whites have to go to school with them then send these piece of shit Jews to schools with them.

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LionStarFinal 3 months ago

No more games, no more one upping. Smash them.

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HailWoden 3 months ago

But this is not religion, is "i am taking your land like a rat"

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LionStarFinal 3 months ago

Such is the way of the Kike.

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Frankenpope 3 months ago

we are in this shit because of the F**KING preachers, churches and moron Christians that do not study te Bible!

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