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The Jewish Problem -Dr. Joseph Goebbels

Published on 01 Jun 2021 / In History

Anybody on the earth who may want to study why the United States of America is so corrupt could review what Joseph Goebbels says in this video to know the answer. Each time I hear him say "The Jews can no longer talk about us in the newspapers and in the movies. We have swept them out of public life" I am thrilled at the importance this was to Germany. Here in the United States of America we can hear lies told to us by the police everyday, from Court Records and News Sources. Lies added to every movie shown to us. Whites have been getting imprisoned wrongfully for more than 50 years and often killed in the prisons by the prison authorities. Our nation is divided and the reasons go to the signing of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. These banking controls is what Adolf Hitler stood opposed to from the moment he became the Chancellor of Germany. It is lies for anyone to tell us that Jews were not imprisoned in Germany for any reason other than their many crimes stemming from Treason. When a group within your nation declares war against your nation this is an act of treason. The bank owners wanted a war simply to reestablish their banks in Germany after Adolf Hitler refused to issue their manufactured money. They can control any nation through a dictatorship when their money is issued but they have no such controls when their money is not issued.

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Jew's are the biggest problem on the face of the earth.

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Arier53 2 months ago

The problem is bigger today than ever, but nobody realizes it.

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HStheNS 2 months ago

(((They))) are safe as long as (((they))) are not discovered.
That is (((their))) primary method of survival.

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