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The Human Experience Is NOT What We Think It Is

Published on 19 Dec 2020 / In People & Blogs

What is this place, really? Why are we here, really? What were we created for, really? Why is there never an answer for the question "WHY" when one reaches a level of awareness and sees a reality that nobody, if they really knew, would want to live and experience.

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Dillen 7 days ago

so in a sense... maybe the "devil" - "won"... the great battle and has enslaved us all... for eternity? because they're working so diligently underground... IDK but i agree with what you're saying! thumbs up!

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1malec11 26 days ago

You might find some truth here
Could be bullshit but it chimes in A LOT with what you are saying here.

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I don't speak German.

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1malec11 25 days ago (edited)

@TheRebelliousMeatPuppet: There are subtitles embedded in the videos, but if you are interested I have English transcripts.

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1malec11 26 days ago

fuckin spot on!

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