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The First Four Lodges

Published on 08 Nov 2020 / In Freemasonry

We know that four Lodges decided in 1716 to establish a Grand Lodge in London, but what is not appreciated is that the membership was very different in one of the Lodges and this is an indication of its unique mission. That mission was to rewrite the existing two-degree ritual and add a third to teach a unique alchemical lesson - that of immortality.

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Teutonic_resistance 5 months ago

Even though I am full ethnic German, I live in the US, and there are Freemason lodges, EVERYWHERE! Even the smallest towns have lodges right across the street from the police stations - it's really awful! I was wondering, how many Freemasonic lodges are in England - are they everywhere? I would suggest that you start taking their license plates down and writing to which lodge they belong to! That way, any honorable men, can have these scum buckets arrested, and punished! Germany was the only nation that totally eradicated Freemasonry from their nation, and arrested a Rothschild banker!

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