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The dregs of Humanity Prevent City Cleaners From Entering New "Autonomous Zone" In Washington

Published on 29 Jan 2021 / In Uncategorized

Antifa & their far-left allies created a human wall to try to stop the city from cleaning their autonomous camp outside city hall. Last week they stormed into the building, forcing the mayor to evacuate."

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SaxonWarrior 5 months ago

Never stop your enemies from destroying each other!!
If these were White Christians they would have been shot and killed, I hate both sides so let them destroy each other!!

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anomaly 5 months ago

Are they specifically deploying the type of faggot in these "movements" that enrages me to the point of cheering for the totalitarian pigs? I think so. Well done, you geniuses.

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theliquidatedrabbi 5 months ago

Bulldozers and front end loaders could clear these lil piles of shit quickly.

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I don't really give a fuck about Trump (dems and repubs are two sides of the same (((coin)))), but just imagine if they were all wearing red MAGA hats instead. That city would be swarmed with zogbot military.

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