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General J.D. Ripper
Published on 16 Apr 2021 / In Uncategorized

jewish communist plot to takeover america

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ellockjack 22 days ago

Jackie: I had a call from a listener after the broadcast a couple of nights ago and he was talking about a broadcast that is on the air once a week and I do not recall the name of the person, but what he was saying is that everybody who is "blaming the Jews for everything have got it all wrong because it's the Jesuits." My understanding is that all of it, the Catholic Church, the Jesuits, Illuminati, Freemasonry, it's all part of the same controlling factor.

Alan: They're all faces of the same thing. You see that's what they always couched in Babylon and Egypt. They said that Isis because these brotherhoods refer to the mother more than the father amongst themselves, but they said Isis had a thousand faces and that's what they mean by that. Every church you can look at, whether it's Moslem, Catholic, Protestant, whatever, or even the temples of the Shinto, you will see the same hidden architecture, not so hidden actually, in them all and that's the big secret of course. They always put because they are the builders of society as well as the builders of the building and they put the structure of society in the architecture itself and they also give you all the symbology of the inner religion in all of the temples that they give the public. Things are always hidden out there in plain sight. In fact, there was a man recently who came out in Manitoba who is at the University of Manitoba who’s done a four-year study on the government main parliament building there for the province. His specialty is studying old architecture and so on and after studying the parliament building for the province, which is the government building, he came to the conclusion and he's got it all worked out perfectly they used the Egyptian Cubit, the Sacred Cubit, to build this thing right down to the last fraction of an inch. They have all the symbols of the outer portico temple and the inner temple in there. I mean the whole structure is a Masonic temple and the big joke of course that they've always known is that all parliament buildings are Masonic temples. All churches are Masonic temples.

As Pike said himself, "everyone who has been trained in the system is simply a Mason who hasn't gone through the degrees." We've all been trained through the school system. We've all gone to their churches regardless of what country we're in. We're all pre-Masonic you might say because we've gone through rituals without even knowing it. When you walk through that oval door into the church you've walked through the female. That's what it means. The spire is the phallus. The box is the female and the opening is the female. It's the mystery religion, we live it, we go through it every day and most people don't even know it.

Jackie: Of course we wouldn't know it.

Alan: That's the big secret. Isis has a thousand faces.

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