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The Communist Drama Teacher, Has Something to Say... "PM Trudeaus message on Christmas"

Published on 25 Dec 2020 / In Politics

*SOURCE OF CONTENT: Justin Trudeau Youtube*
...fuckn tyrant.
Nothing but pure BS lies, for the masses. Rest assured everyone; this criminal does Not care, about a single 1 of us.


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GHREM 5 months ago

The way he gazes into the camera, like he wants to play with your kids genitals. He would look more stoic if he was hanging from his neck.

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Earl Turner
Earl Turner 5 months ago

maybe he is faking it. i know guys who say anything to get laid lol even go to the extent of calling themseves feminists and praising orca fat women

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Joel 5 months ago

48 seconds,....that's it. This fucking faggot! That ph-hony-hee breathy-ness,'s like his, un-official trade-mark, me any ways,....I just ca-haan-tt take,...........his con-dee-se-hension,.....He REALLY is on par with Trump, when it comes to, going over the top,.....with their character,......Trump's a TOTAL slime-ball, VERY used car salesman-ish FOR SURE, in a different way,........Trudeau would be more of a Funeral/Burial plot salesman kind of guy,....the fake emotion is priceless. Trudeau was a ski instructor and a drama teacher,.....So when the country is figuratively hurdling down the side of a mountain,.....he knows how to act like all is good with the world. He's a ''fruitcake'' too.

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Chosen_for_a_reason 5 months ago

Keep in mind folks, that 80% of his electoral support came from women...

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Trey Xanthean
Trey Xanthean 5 months ago

hard to watch considering the 5 rate acting skills this schmuck barely possesses. but i got through 33 seconds of it... ;)

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