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The Brutal Truth About Human Suffering - Most Cant Handle The Truth

Published on 04 Dec 2020 / In People & Blogs

My deepest dive into analyzing the roots of human suffering and NOBODY has been able or willing to prove me wrong. We were ENGINEERED for this shit.
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TheSolution 7 months ago

Hi, been watching your stuff for some time now. I'm also on the same thought process. Where I disagree, is that those that intervened in our creation did not do sloppy work. All the fuckups that are engineered into us are done on purpose, and it is to keep us forever a source of recyclable food to them. With all the technology that is available, how come life extension seems to be as elusive as ever? And why has there been nothing done to enhance our intellect in a none parasitic manner? Preaching to the choir I know you know, none of it is 'coincidence'. Which brings me back to genetic engineering. That is perhaps the only way to unlock our true hidden potential. All that inward journey spiritual BS is a waste of time IMO for 99.9% of people, because they simply don't know how, or simply just cannot for a variety of reasons. I've had my version of seeing what is behind the veil, and it wasn't via any entheogens or psychedelics, it was through literally pure excruciating pain, that lasted for about 18 months during which I 'saw' everything, the ugly truth underlying the reality we live in. Pain indeed teaches people. THe ugly truth, and this is one tough pill that I still have a hard time swallowing, is that the 'struggle' that we have to go through is an endless one, and that freedom of choice, the few real choices that we get to make via the insane amount of constraints placed on us, dictates that there must be evil in this world, as it has to be a choice that all beings can make for this reality to exist. It is a painful process of refinement, and only a few make it. Very very few. This is the justification for all the horrible things in our world and the endless conflict between good and evil that doesn't seem to ever end with one or the other coming out as the clear victor. Perhaps, well not perhaps, most definitely we are in a period where evil has certainly overtaken the good in this reality. The god, the true god of this existence and all existences, has essentially created a sandbox with rules. Evil and suffering is and always will be part of the equation. Hate it all you want, understanding these rules and how to use, bend and even bypass them is the key to ascension to godhood, for the very few, as I mentioned before, that eventually make it. And what about all the others? I don't know, either they are recycled indefinitely or they reach a point where they can no longer evolve and so are destroyed (erased from the memory of all realities), become false destroyer/parasitic gods , are merged with other failed creations into a unified archetype where their essence is again essentially destroyed for the most part, or devoured by other entities beyond this reality. Its a battle royale, where you don't know the rules, and winning is only the beginning of a new struggle as part of many struggles to attain godhood and face the true chaos that lies beyond this reality. God does 'love' us, but its not the kind of love that me or you or most people can understand. It is compassionless love, driven by a strict sense of order. Yes, I know you would rather do without such 'love', as would I. but this is what I 'saw', and well I don't like it one bit. Make of it what you will, as always I'm interested in your thoughts on the subject.

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With a mind like yours, I think you and I could have some very deep and very long concersations.

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II_TheRook_II 7 months ago

Maybe.... What if we are the ones that made us and we take turns going into different meat sacks so that everyone else can feed off of this energy. Like we in whatever other plain of existence made the meat sacs and the spirit part of us transports into the meat sac during pregnancy with some kind of knowledge nerfer.

Only real problem I see with any of this is that you can see real complexed emotion in dogs. You can almost see what ever emotion they are having and they have quite a few. Are dogs part of this energy feeding scheme?

IDK what we are or where we came from, but it's fucked up. I always thought something made us. I just have no idea what or why. The theory here is as good as any.

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UninformedConsent 7 months ago

So far i haven't seen anything i disagree with. As for the "other's", whatever they or it really are, i would not only say it hates us but it seems as if on some level it fears us. At least if it was human I would label it as fear. Otherwise it wouldn't work so hard to control us and wall off certain parts of our dna and minds. I could be absolutely wrong about this because i can't prove it. As for our flaws it either wanted us flawed or it quite simply didn't care enough, or couldn't do better. Just my opinion. I really look forward to your vids.

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I don't disagree with you.

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wanteddeadoralive 7 months ago

I wonder if I could buy peaceful painless suicide drugs on the dark web. Drugs that I could somehow breathe or ingest that would let me drift off to sleep peacefully while I am listening to something inspiring. This is what I want.

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Maverick331 6 months ago

Find a reason to live brother be a light to someonee

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