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The British Holocaust of the Germans

Published on 30 Apr 2021 / In Jewish Genocides

⁣The British Holocaust of the Germans
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In the light of current events in the Middle East ...reading from the www.justice4germans,­ealing the beast of Britain and who did what to who using Phosphorous against German children in WWII, the same British backed beast using the same against the children of Palestine for decades. The dogs of war Rothschilds hidden hand behind the same beast today no longer disguised or hidden Israhell and the rabid dogs of Saudi Arabia USA Qatar Britain trying to hide still.....the devil Churchill...the vermin of the 20th century, the light now exposing the maggots within the putrescent bodies of the nations they infest about to be evicted for all eternity.....

This video original recording of 25.53 seconds cut out at 10.01 and so is uploaded to set the stage for the following 5 videos and I will finish the reading for another day...get these downloaded while you can...

During the war, more bombs by weight were dropped on the city of Berlin than were released on the whole of Great Britain during the entire war.
All German towns and cities above 50,000 population were from 50% to 80% destroyed. Dresden, an unprotected city, was incinerated with an estimated 135,000 civilian inhabitants burned and buried in the ruins. Hamburg was totally destroyed and 70,000 civilians died in the most appalling circumstances whilst Cologne was likewise turned into a moon-scape. As Hamburg burned the winds feeding the three mile high flames reached twice hurricane speed to exceed 150 miles per hour. Trees three feet in diameter on the outskirts of the city, were sucked from the ground by the supernatural forces of these winds and hurled miles into the city-inferno, as were vehicles, men, women... and children.
Between 1940 and 1945, sixty-one German cities with a total population of 25 million souls were destroyed of devastated in a bombing campaign initiated by the British government. Destruction on this scale had no other purpose than the indiscriminate mass murder of as many German people as possible quite regardless of their civilian status. It led to retaliatory bombing resulting in 60,000 British dead and 86,000 injured.
The strafing of columns of refugees by both American and British fighter planes was par for the course: ".... it is said that these (zoo) animals and terrified groups of refugees were machine-gunned as they tried to escape across the Grosser Garten by low-flying planes and that many bodies riddled by bullets were found later in this park." Der Tod von Dresden, Axel Rodenberger, February, 25th, 1951. In Dresden, "Even the huddled remnants of a children's' choir were machine-gunned in a street bordering a park." David Irving, The Destruction of Dresden. "I think we shall live to rue the day we did this, and that it, (The bombing of Dresden) will stand for all time as a blot on our escutcheon." Richard Stokes, M.P. "What we want to do in addition to the horrors of fire is to bring the masonry crashing down on the Boche, to kill Boche and to terrify Boche." 'Bomber' Butch Harris, Sunday Times, January, 10th, 1993.
"Its horror is revealed in the howling and raging of the firestorms, the hellish noise of exploding bombs and the death cries of martyred human beings as well as the big silence after the raids. Speech is impotent to portray the measure of the horror, which shook the people for ten days and nights and the traces of which were written indelibly on the face of the city and its inhabitants.
No flight of imagination will ever succeed in measuring and describing the gruesome scenes of horror in the many buried air shelters. Posterity can only bow its head in honour of the fate of these innocents, sacrificed by the murderous lust of a sadistic enemy...."The Police President of Hamburg. ˆ "Three-hundred times as many people died in Hamburg during the ten-day blitz as died in Coventry during the entire course of the war. "Not even Hiroshima and Nagasaki, suffering the smashing blows of nuclear explosions, could match the utter hell of Hamburg." Martin Caidin, The Night Hamburg Died, Ballantyne Books.

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