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The Blood Red Snow Part 1 of 2 Audiobook

Published on 07 Apr 2021 / In Audiobooks

⁣Günter Koschorrek wrote his illicit diary on any scraps of paper he could lay his hands on, storing them with his mother on infrequent trips home on leave. The diary went missing, and it was not until he was reunited with his daughter in America some forty years later that it came to light and became Blood Red Snow. The author s excitement at the first encounter with the enemy in the Russian Steppe is obvious. Later, the horror and confusion of fighting in the streets of Stalingrad are brought to life by his descriptions of the others in his unit their differing manners and techniques for dealing with the squalor and death.

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franciscopollardo 13 days ago

I have learned a great deal about the Eastern Front. To this day, I would have created a long protective wall to entrap and slow down the Soviets well before the date Hitler ordered the Barbrarosa Attack. Major German forces with all German allies would be moving toward all oil fields in the South. Imagine the Bolshevik Jews feeling the mud under their wet feet and vehicles to slow them down and then the cold icy roads, making them a target for planes and artillery before they reach the wall of obstacles they cannot overcome. Remembering to recruit all Estonians and others before the Jew major offensive attack in the north of Russia. Germany would of had a much better chance to win. Let us learn together. Thank you for this presentation.

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