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The best a man can get

Published on 23 Sep 2020 / In Hollywood / Jewish Media

On the Gillette ad from a few years ago.

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southern1861 7 months ago

We had a television as long as we've been married (27 years). The only time we had cable is when I worked for AT&T. I only had it for a year or year and a half. We watch either DVD's or VHS videos. We quit watching Netflix. Now we watch Amazon prime. Only descent shows or movies. I hate commercials

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Alli Done
Alli Done 7 months ago

No satellite or cable I wont pay for commercials that make me enraged. All the freaks promoting immoral things. I gave in and pay for the youtube premium so my family can go commercial free. We use that for old movies decent stuff, I feel like i am living in another universe where Just a few of us have any morals left and we are all in hiding like Invasion of the body snatchers

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UninformedConsent 7 months ago

Nice one. I haven't owned a TV in a very long time so I don't see commercials with any regularity. When I do it's shocking. I just browse the internet for news and info. It might explain why there's such a disconnect between myself and TV watchers.

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