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The Anti-Jew is Burnt-Out (Salamandren's End of Days 498)

Published on 12 Jun 2021 / In Jewish Question

⁣...because refusing to turn the other cheek is exhausting.

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pastprovespresent 1 month ago

Luke 22:36 Jesus said,"Let him that hath none, sell his cape and buy a sword." So it seems, we are not meant to always turn the cheek to the point of our own demise. Moreover, it also says in the Bible that you should defend your family and neighbor with your own life.

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drumbum 1 month ago

Difference between loving your enemy and hating GOD's enemy.....

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Joel 2 months ago

When we say ''The Jew'', it's become almost something of a ''mystical'' thing, you know, something that's always there, the background, if seen at all. That's also approaching the normie take, when it comes to the Jew. But, the ''Jew'' is the bank teller down the street,....the social worker who deals with your children at school,......the administrators and coordinators of education curriculum, from kindergarten to post secondary doctorate studies, doctors in neighbourhoods all over the continent, just to illustrate how they're everywhere. Religious or not, they will all identify (every single one on the face of the earth) and perpetuate and NOT allow any questioning of certain historical camping outings in a certain place during a certain time,.....quoting a certain number. Every single one on the face of the earth will claim to have a relative, if not themselves, who lived through or died during events that for the most part, did not occur. They will NOT let go of that lie,....not a one, I guarantee it. All these camping enthusiasts, AND all the types mentioned above,....ARE the ''JEW''. Even if people acknowledged the problem on a large scale, there would still be the issue of,....''It CAN'T be all the Jews''. 1000+ expulsions over 2500 years,......but it's not all the Jews,............hmm? The Jews are just a ''smoke-screen'' for what's REALLY going on,.......really???? I went out following the Devil's tracks, looking for the Devil,........and just kept finding a Jew.

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mics972 2 months ago

@Salamandren: Keep your head up! - Excellent point! -

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