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TeamWhite 2020 No 7: Alex, Alison & Jan: The Great US Stolen Election & updates from Europe

Published on 18 Dec 2020 / In Politics

We recorded this show on 12th November 2020. In it we discuss the massively stolen US election, Covid and news from Germany, Britain and France. We discuss the Renouf trial in Germany.

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HistoryReviewed 4 months ago

Just a note: I wanted to upload another video here on WorldTruthVideos but it says I've reached my limit and I must pay $50 to go pro. I'm in South Africa and not keen on spending that amount of money here. If anyone has suggestions, I'm all ears. Someone had said they know the owners and might be able to help me. Any ideas are welcome. You can email me at: - So I'm unable to post until further notice. Thanks.

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White Power
White Power 5 months ago

The truth is that there havnt been any legit elections in many decades. The elections have been stolen for a long time. Demonocrazy ("democracy") is a jew sickness, just like marxism, bolshevism, c(r)apitalism and mongrel jew communism. The nigger we had in the white house more than 4 years ago was never elected, not once, but we had to put up with the "groomed" half nigger half jew sub-animal for 8 damn years while it destroyed what little is left of our Aryan country. ALL political candidates are bought and paid for jew whores. Just as the jew bastard fdr once stated, "presidents are not elected, they're selected"....thats one time when a God damned hook nosed mongrel bastard actually told the truth, and its VERY rare that they do.

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