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Sweden; Women complaining men no longer risking their lives to protect women from their own mistakes

Dan TheOracle
Published on 05 Apr 2021 / In Video Vault

[subs by me from posts on 4chan, my comments in brackets like this]
now, i am well aware its "not all women" and there are some absolutely wonderful examples of the fairer sex out there but there is no denying that 80% of women believe they are entitled to the top 20% of men and a growing number ride the cock carousel into their 30 until they are washed up whores, hit the wall in the sexual market place, settle with some beta cuck and then blame everyone but their own bad life decisions for why they are unhappy in later life.

in this year old video swedish women complain that non white invaders they voted to bring in are physically and sexually abusing them in the streets and men, fed up with cultural marxism, are no longer risking their own lives to defend these [mostly] feminist whores who provide nothing to society. women broke the sexual market place decades ago with hypergamy, feminism, whoredom, no longer being satisfied in the home, no longer faithful to a man, no longer faithful to their people or country and men en mass have turned their backs on these worthless whores and this is the result. i have spoken about this at length in the past but this is exactly why women should not get a vote, women do not have to fight the wars their voting instigates. and again i understand its "not all women" but sadly its more women and there are only a finite number of men to fix womens mistakes and we are overrun in our voting preferences. women on average can not make the hard decisions needed to run anything, let alone a functioning country.

translated original video title
Yesterday I did a report from Sätra in Gävle, Sweden. People testified about how youth gangs have taken over the area and are frightening residents. Parents and their children are abused, threatened and sexually harassed without receiving any help from the community. And those who commit the crimes can do without punishment.
Listen to these scary testimonies and gladly share the report so that it reaches our rulers.

translated original tweet
“They stoned me when I was pregnant. It was stones bigger than a knotted man's fist ”
“They screamed FUCKING HORA, again & again, when I paid at ICA MAXI. Nobody in the long queue said a sound ”
“I don't dare to dog the dog in the evening. The dog gets pee in the shower ”

untranslated title
Igår gjorde jag reportage från Sätra i Gävle. Människor vittnade om hur ungdomsgäng har tagit över området och sätter invånarna i skräck. Föräldrar och deras barn blir misshandlade, hotade och sexuellt ofredade utan att få någon hjälp från samhället. Och de som begår brotten klarar sig utan straff.
Lyssna på dessa skrämmande vittnesmål och dela gärna reportaget så att det når ut till våra makthavare.

untranslated tweet
”De stenade mig när jag var höggravid. Det var stenar större än en knuten mansnäve”
”De skrek JÄVLA HORA, igen & igen, när jag betalade på ICA MAXI. Ingen i den långa kön sa ett ljud”
”Jag vågar inte rasta hunden på kvällen. Hunden får kissa i duschen”

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NewWorldCircus 10 days ago

Women should never be in roles of leadership, or social influence.
They are a liability.
Very few have masculine intelligence.
Most are a cocktail of estrogen, and other feminine hormones.
Their biology will never allow them into a logical perspective of reality.

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Dan TheOracle
Dan TheOracle 9 days ago

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hereticking 15 days ago

it is their own virtue signalling fault and now they will want the men to come to their rescue eventually when they realise that they no longer live in a civilised society. Tough shit you foolish whammen.

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ShortieLeeroy 17 days ago

Okay,people are talking about it and doing what..

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Bond0077 17 days ago

perhaps their abused sons will become like the Vikings....naaah

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Hanssen 17 days ago

They most learn self-defense skills and learn how to fight, thats the only thing that will make niggers, muslims and bullies respect them. When they become good fighters they can gain any self-esteem and higher confidence in themselves, all is up to the parents to help their children become that. The system dont want you to do that and you can expect to be punished or smeared for doing it, it was a long time since the politicians betrayed their own people and we owe nothing to them. The teachers in sweden schools are so stupid its beyond reasoning, if your son gets bullied in school and he is defending himself and fights back the teachers will take side with the bullies and proceed to give youre son a indulgence telling him how wrong violence is. Thats when parents need to step in and defend their son, thats very important.

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Bond0077 14 days ago

@Hanssen: well if they don't have a father, how can they draw strength? I know this humiliation well, women are a boy's worst enemy

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Hanssen 14 days ago

@Bond0077: It will be difficult for sure but some Men are special and are natural born leaders and when they learn from an early age that they must take care of themselves to survive in this world because their parents are never there for them and never has time for them, these Men will become independent from an early age and in the best scenario become successful people and the worst scenario they will become criminals, addicted to drugs and homeless. Men are not supposed to live in crowded big cities as we do today, if you go to the countryside you will mostly see families there living in harmony with each other but you will never see that in cities. that's my experience anyway

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AppalachianAmerican 17 days ago

I read every word in your description and can't agree more.
I guess it was pointless for the interviewer to ask, "What did your husbands do about it?"

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AppalachianAmerican 17 days ago

Oh, and loved the captions btw. lol.

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Dan TheOracle
Dan TheOracle 17 days ago

@AppalachianAmerican: lol yea it was a fun video to make for sure. its another old one from my bitchute

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