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Published on 23 Feb 2021 / In Uncategorized

The panel and I site down with Mind Weapons in Ragnarok to explore the strategy for white people to survive in the up coming dystopia. The author details his views in from which he encourages white people to start small businesses, engage in STEM, and also learn to navigate the government gibs system.

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Panterabyte 14
Panterabyte 14 1 month ago

If anyone has to be told at this point that Q Anon was a Communist-Bolshevik psyopp... I would have no idea what to say to them. The information is out there and the picture is as clear as a sunny spring day. I think the Trump psyopp has done significant damage to American patriots, some of them good folks too. For that I would call Epstein and Netanyahoooooo's best man, Mr. Trumpet (Hell's Trumpet), the biggest traitor to the American people in US history. Where are your pardon's for the Capital boys? Oh, that's right, he was busy giving niggers pardons... Little Wayne, Big Diyakkk, Much Dyakkk and Lil Dradel. What a fucking joke. So many clowns. I'm with the ideal that these stupid people are only going to make us lose or get us jammed up somehow anyways. So, I'm fine with Qtards and retards weeding themselves out for the ZOG machine. We need sharp people for an enemy like ours. People that are still obsessed with Trump are dangerous, I'm really starting to see.

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mics972 2 months ago

First! - America the land of the free and the brave, is no more. Stick a fork in it! President Donald John Trump has out smarted everyone and lied to the American people, claiming "Make America Great Again!" no more is America the land of the free! Pres. Trump has closed ALL our churches, started a pandemic, and is forcing a "kill shot" on all the American people at Warp Speed. The evil swamp in America is run by a deep state, could it be Q'Anon, a joke on all of us? Trump was nothing more than a snake oil salesman, the fall of America is certain now and we are but all slaves.

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