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Suicide Bomber in Stockholm

Published on 07 May 2021 / In Travel & Events

⁣This clip is about the islamic terror deed in Stockholm, Sweden, the 11 december 2010. The man had six pipe bombs on him and a suitcase full with nails which he intended to detonate in the mist of Christmas shoppers. Very fortunately, one of the bombs detonated too early and no one else got hurt (and only one bomb exploded). However, the man also constructed a car bomb which seriously injured two people.

This clip shows the car bomb in the beginning. Thereafter it is a street view from a security camera that shows the man when he explodes just outside the screen. Note how many people there is on the street and how lucky we were that he premature detonation. If he had been on the shopping street, a lot of people would had been injured and killed. Lastly, you can see a top view of the terrorist, while he is lying in the street. He was still alive after the explosion, but bled to death in the snow.

Ten minutes before the attack, the islamic terrorist sent a message to "the Swedish people". Below is the message as it is translated to English.


"(In Arabic) In the merciful God's name. Prayer and peace to the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. In God, the merciful Father Name:

(In Swedish) This is very short and wide message to Sweden and the Swedish people. Thanks to Lars Vilks and his paintings of the Prophet Muhammad (in Arabic), peace be upon him (in Swedish) and your soldiers in Afghanistan and your silence on all this so as a result of this, your children, daughters, brothers and sisters will die like our brothers and sisters and children are killed.

The Islamic State have now complied with what they have promised you. We are now here in Europe, and in Sweden. We are a reality, not imaginary, not anymore. I will not talk more about this. Our actions will speak for themselves as long as you do not stop your war against Islam and the insulting of the Prophet (in Arabic), peace be upon him (in Swedish) and your stupid support for that pig Vilks.

And to all Muslims in Sweden, I say: stop all the suck up and the humiliation of yourself by living a degrading life far away from Islam. Help your brothers and sisters, and fear no one and nothing, only God that you worship.

And to my family, try to forgive me. I could not sit and watch as all the injustice done against Islam and Prophet Muhammad (in Arabic), peace be upon him, (in Swedish) when that pig Vilks did what he did. Sorry for my lies. I never went to the Middle East to work or earn money. I went there for jihad. I hope that you will understand me someday. I could never have told all of this to you, or anyone else. My dear wife and children, I love you. I love you, my wife. My love for you was never a lie. Forgive me for not telling you anything. Kiss the kids from me. Tell them that daddy loves them, and always will love them.

Finally, I greet all the mujahedeen. Do not forget me in your prayers. Pray for me. Pray for me because here in Sweden, the Muslims are so degraded that they are praying for non-Muslims in their mosques. Lastly, all mujahedeen in Europe and in Sweden: the time has come to attack. Wait no longer. Come out with whatever you have, even if it is only a knife. However, I know that you have more than one knife to come with. Fear no one. Do not fear prison. Do not fear death.

In Arabic: I say my words and I ask God to forgive me and forgive you. Brothers. The faithful."

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ellockjack 1 month ago

Those Swedes sure love their diversity.

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cracker 1 month ago

Thank you Jews, can we have another?

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