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Stupid Parents Almost Kill their Child with a Covid Jab!!!!!

Melissa Lev
Published on 12 May 2021 / In Phamajewdicals Vaccines
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Orwell 1 day ago

This child and the parents are victims of Jew trickery. But when I try to warn people, no one listens.

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pater409 14 days ago

Another heart-breaking, completely avoidable scene but for the jaw-dropping fucking idiocy of 75-I.Q., gullible, fuck-wit parents. I hope that child somehow recovers and lives long enough to disown them.

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JobForAWhiteboy 19 days ago

This Is Painful To Watch. If This Really Is That Childs Effect After The Gene Therapy Shot, I Hope The Parents Are Satisfied. Just Another Example Of Television Propaganda Controlling The Masses And Destroying Innocent Lives

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Chaplain Bob Walker
Chaplain Bob Walker 1 month ago

they are the spawn of satan as Jesus warned

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CHRIS GAYLORD 2 months ago

They must have released a stupid gene into the air before bringing out these vaccines.

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