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Strong White Warrior Woman

Published on 12 Jun 2021 / In Uncategorized


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Eckhart 1 month ago

Daddys room mate and other books, look up publication names.
Lgbtq +p for pedophilia the p is the next goal for the anti whites. Tactics: pedos just look at pics and not commit crimes. Of course not true.

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exposethejeugenda 1 month ago

it's time for white people to FIGHt back and destroy our enemies...annihilate them

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NorthSeaPagan 1 month ago

Lol dream away dude, it won't happen, White pillers are White killers.
The only thing we can do is never cuck and try and get into the woods with some wives and make some kids far, far away from the niggers (all blacks are niggers), shitskins, kikes, racemixers, cucks, faggots and normies before we are forced to kill ourselves or go out fighting.

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yardfowl 1 month ago

@NorthSeaPagan: i'd rather go out fighting then run and hide like a bitch.....

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AtavisticActivist00 1 month ago

All the cuck parents are like whoa when are we going to start ignoring the last meeting about the black authorative figures telling our kids that they are oppressing them so we can start ignoring the fact that they are jerking off with our kids. Fucking twilight zone

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NorthSeaPagan 1 month ago

That's just normie Whites these days dude
Only thing I hate more than them are the niggers (and especially the nigger toms)

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AntiCuck82 1 month ago

One woman trying to undo the damage of millions of women's votes. do the math

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Freethinking_Vladimir 1 month ago

Golden comment.

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AryanRooster 1 month ago

Burn Down The Weimar System!

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