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Spear chucking Wife Beater from Wakanda meets A Sheriff from Winnebago County USA!

Published on 21 Apr 2021 / In Uncategorized

⁣ROCKFORD (WREX) — Authorities have released the body camera footage worn by Winnebago County Sheriff's deputies during an officer-involved shooting involving the Winnebago County Sheriff's Office earlier this month.

Authorities released the video on Monday evening. Winnebago County Sheriff Gary Caruana says he released the footage in "an effort to be transparent" and because it "helps preserve the integrity of the investigation."

The officer-involved shooting happened Saturday, April 10. Along with the video, the sheriff's office also released a timeline of the events leading up to the shooting.

Authorities say they were called around 11:30 a.m. Saturday, April 10, about a domestic disturbance. Deputies spoke with the victim at a Casey's gas station nearby, but were not able to find the suspect at the home the couple lived at on Bellwort Drive. The suspect was later been identified as Faustin Guetigo.

Authorities were called to the home again at 5:45 and were able to locate Guetigo outside of the home.

Body camera footage shows the Winnebago County deputy attempted to speak with Guetigo outside. The body cam footage shows the deputy trying to get Guetigo to put his hands behind his back to place him under arrest and talk to him. The deputy tried to grab Guetigo's arms multiple times, though Guetigo pulled away from the deputy.

Guetigo begins moving towards the home when the deputy asks him to stay outside because he needs to talk to him. Guetigo is then seen going inside the home.

At this point, more law enforcement was called to the scene. When the additional officers arrived on scene, Guetigo's wife gave deputies the keys to enter the home.

That's when two deputies went inside, including Sgt. Joe Broullard, who had his firearm out of its holster. The firearm was in his left hand and held at his chest. Sgt. Broullard opened the basement door immediately in front of him.

That's when Sgt. Broullard saw Guetigo at the bottom of the stairs holding a metal pipe in his hand. The sergeant repeatedly yells at Guetigo to "drop it," referring to the metal pipe.

Sgt. Broullard yelled at Guetigo to drop the pipe at least four times, and to let him see his hands. Guetigo did not drop the pipe and continued advancing up the stairs. Body camera footage shows that's when Sgt. Broullard fired at Guetigo.

The body camera footage shows Guetigo continued advancing up the stairs as Sgt. Broullard fired additional shots.

Upon entering the foyer at the top of the stairs, Guetigo swung the pipe at Sgt. Broullard, hitting the sergeant on the top of his head. Guetigo and Sgt. Broullard, who was knocked unconscious, fell to the ground in the foyer.

Deputy Eiten, located outside of the apartment, fired his firearm into the apartment. This shot shattered the glass of the door.

Both Guetigo and Sgt. Boullard were taken to OSF Saint Anthony Medical Center, where Guetigo later died from his injuries. Sgt. Boullard was treated and later released.

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theliquidatedrabbi 26 days ago

Im not gonna' kill you...SYKE!

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1933HWR1945 26 days ago

I like how they were trying to cuff him after getting shot like 5 times. No way he survived.

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frogsgottalent 26 days ago

Keithstone Cops.........

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BitKhumri 26 days ago

That's my county. I'm trying to move for obvious reasons.

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Soldier1 26 days ago

Good riddance. Next!

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