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SOS Mediterranean is a terrorist organization!!! This people need to be put down IMMEDIATELY

Published on 08 Feb 2021 / In Uncategorized

The Ocean Viking , which has resumed "search and rescue operations" for illegal immigrants in the Mediterranean, has been allowed to disembark 422 people on the Italian island of Sicily , the non-governmental organization SOS Méditerranée, which leases it, announced on Sunday
Italian authorities allowed the crew to dock in Augusta , north of Syracuse, an NGO spokeswoman said

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UncleAdi 2 months ago

You know. It is not even worth fedposting about this shit no more. There are so many ships ferrying these subhumans to our shores that one would need a small navy contingent to get rid of them. Without getting back control of our borders from the Unionzionists we are literally fighting against windmills. Block one NGO boat. 10 others already taken its place. This was never a battle to begin with. It is another demoralizing tactic. It must get worse before it can get better. But I would welcome it if these NGO traitors would get a taste of their own medicine by being personally enriched by their pet niggers or catching one or more diseases at work. FUCK EM!

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