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Slavs are now honorary POC's

General J.D. Ripper
Published on 22 Jan 2021 / In Uncategorized

Slavic privilege

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Slavs are very obviously white people. Most are good people too.

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whitepride73 1 month ago

Technically, pure white is the absence of color. In other words, you can't mix colors to create white. Therefore, white is the absence of color in the strictest sense of the definition.

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NewHampshireBound 1 month ago

Funny. As for the deeper issue of Whiteness, I see it like this. Anything we want, however we want to organize or separate, that will never happen with the Jew in the way. Arguing about who is White or how White....that comes later. All energy should be focused on outing and removing the Jew. If someone is helping to out the Jew then they work toward what we want. Which is self determination. Peoples will organically organize with their own. The cream will rise to the top. Lesser people will have a tougher time, and lose numbers and disappear. There is no need for purity spiraling, and there is no need to genocide non Whites. We just need to remove the Jew and the rest happens naturally.

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General J.D. Ripper
General J.D. Ripper 1 month ago

These people always purity spiral into oblivion. Its going to get worse before it gets better. I honestly recommend gtting the fuck out of the cities.Dont isolate yourself. Talk with others in your community and have a local militia. Ready and able to defend the neighborhood. These posts are for pure comedic effect. Im not endorsing violence on blacks, they do it to themslves. Sit back and enjoy the ride

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tarzzan 1 month ago

hahahahah all the kikes saying im a nigger were right does that mean i could look and kill ''da white man'' ''n sheeittt'' dude i cant wait to get caught and released awsome, honk honk

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