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Six Million lying Jews

Published on 18 Apr 2021 / In Uncategorized

The Jew is your enemy

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SerIntegral 11 days ago

And that dirty trick began since 1869 !

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AryanPrincess 20 days ago

I believe the six million figure is more about symbolism than of tragedy, I believe their story being that of the victim, actually makes them stronger! Everyone roots for the underdog. When you look at all these news papers and see the TRUTH it makes sense to know who owns the media. For those that control the money and the media own us!

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HereAmI 20 days ago

Does everybody understand WHY they used this figure of 6m all the time?
It all goes back to a single verse in the Bible - Leviticus 25, 10.
There it is stated that all Israel will return, every man to his homeland - and although their homeland is Khazaria, they have twisted it so that they claim it refers to Israel, although the jew is in actual fact not an Israelite, and has only claimed Israelite and Hebrew ancestry since 1860, according to their Encyclopedia Judaica.
The reason for the 6m is that there is, for whatever reason, a single letter "vav" which is missing from the Hebrew word for "return", and this letter has a numerical value of six, so those dirty old rabbis claimed that only minus 6 would they return, and being jews of course, they inflated the "six" to "six million."
So all the death and murder and theft and lies are all based on a single letter in the Hebrew alphabet.
But now they have moved back there - minus the 6 million, of course, because as we all know, that is how many jews Hitler, Mengele, Himmler and Hoess murdered - they can now afford to drop this monumental fraud, and enjoy the fruits of their criminality, which of course they harvest every single day.

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Tiger Zwei
Tiger Zwei 20 days ago

Lucky for them it was'nt the number nine missing. I think they just chose the whole population at the time that was there, later on made up the missing 6 in return as a poor excuse for lying about the total population being at risk. Because they themselves were planning on murdering the innocent non jews. The old, he attacked me first lie a murderer might use to make murder look like defense.

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