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Singing the Truth, Whilst Hugging Bastards!

Published on 27 Mar 2021 / In Documentry Films Worth Watching

Whether it be longitude, latitude, geo-location, in the flesh... or all of the above... in our hearts, minds and souls... regardless of our disobedience and rejection of our "Dad"... kicking, fighting and scratching... Dad ALWAYS knows, and will bring down his love and grace and mercies, even if that means an ass-whoopin'! *chuckle* Tough Love, yes? Have any of you had, or do any of you have a youngin'? Being a father to our kindred flesh means that sometimes we must do the right thing, regardless of our senses and emotions, but because of what we believe is WRITTEN! We are servants, not creators!

This man, his song is so beautiful, and yet he sings to ALL... whereas I vicariously take his words and place them upon my kindred white IS_REAL flesh!

I am John, and I love my kindred flesh, and hate with a hate anything that threatens my love for my kind!

And so... listen to this lad's music, and imagine that it is for the Wheat and the sheep, and not the tares and the goats! *chuckle* WWG1WGA is a rabbi path to perdition in this life! We can't be all, for Yahweh spoke about KIND AFTER KIND! Now... YOU choose!

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