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Shut the Fuck Up Jew #13

Published on 16 Jun 2021 / In Uncategorized


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BF109Luftwaffe 1 month ago

Yep, Jews are selfish morally repugnant people who enjoy their wealth because the rest of us have been infected with their financial tyranny and subjected to the threat of the new virus they created. The larger part of the population have been indoctrinated by their media. The largest segment of people in hospital are those with comorbidities and viral infections and now looking like the “ vaccinated” are getting sicker...and the blik has a medical degree in??

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cracker 1 month ago

shut the fuck up you lying jew and that's one bizarre looking nigger

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HereAmI 1 month ago

Any relation, I wonder?
Oh right - they're all related.
Vile, despicable, lying, murderous, thieving, blasphemous bitch.
But in her native environment, at the BBC.

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Mykneegrows 1 month ago

Day of the Rope

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Paulsmithatkins 1 month ago

Jew tricking Gentiles into taking the lethal injection and when you become sick the jew will say that's because the shot is working.

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