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SHTF How to defeat Drones. Thermal evasion. Description explains my Addon.

Beyond Infinity
Published on 29 May 2021 / In Wars / Military Industrial Complex

This Suit is OK. Not Perfect. But Cheap. Camo itself was done bad, don´t be that Dark.
First the Design can be done better, Making it Longer and having one more Peace like a Kitchenapron in the Front.
More Importantly, Build in a Faraday Cache. Here a Video for those who do not know what that is. ⁣W.W.T. 2012 - Matt Edwards in the Faraday Suit - Part 2 - YouTube⁣
That you conect to the Ground, with a Nail at the Boot.
You do NOT need one of these Real Suits. Build this Moscito Net in the Layers, is enough for that.
⁣BLOCK EMF 100% Silber Faser Mesh
- AliExpress ⁣https://de.
The Military has more than just Thermal Vision. They can see all Frequenzys.

Have Fun in the Coming Chaos ;) the Sheep won´t wake UP. Be Happy to be in the US, where you have Guns. We in EU are Fucked.

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aLIFEofLIES 17 days ago

This will do ok in thermal spectrum, but with that aluminumized material you’re gonna glow like a lighthouse in the radar spectrum.

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Beyond Infinity
Beyond Infinity 15 days ago (edited)

Not, sure. A good Guille suit Layer around could break that up. Like the Triangles in a Sound Studio. Still better than nothing. In a Civil war as they want one, the fools run around attacking. i thing everybody should become a Sniper.

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Freedom 18 days ago

Very cool

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Roston 18 days ago

You have any more tips like that?

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Beyond Infinity
Beyond Infinity 18 days ago

Why? Are you a Jew trying to find our tactics? 🤣Just kidding.
Well in my long Video Compilation i try to explain everything i know. Will take a While. Once you understand how the Universe and Technology work. There are plenty of ways.
Do you mean Specific Tipps against the Military? I don´t know where to start. Need to write a book. I was a, what you call Staff Sargent, in Afghanistan 2011. Thats where i had enough. Woke up one 9/11.
Do you know ZunTzu?
Be adaptable. Most military follows there same old Tactics. Because most People in there, are Stupid. So they need to be Lead, like Sheep. You want me to give you a hole Tactical book of them. Then lets go into my Private Chat. I do not want to have Pages under my Videos ;)
PS: I can not Post anything here. Even if it is this Website. I have learned ways, how they do IEDs. And studied Science to Mix together some Shit. Can´t tell it. I do not want to have a Swat Team in my Home Tomorrow.

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