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Published on 20 Apr 2021 / In Covid 19 84 / HoloCough

update to this video,the guy in question died 3 days by nhs after this video was
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Well there you have it ladies and gentlemen.....evidence before your very eyes of what many of us have heard about or suspected for some time, and of course were then called conspiracy theorists for mentioning it. It is TOTALLY and UTTERLY evil what they are doing and all of them, be it the people giving the orders or the people obeying them, clearly have no conscience whatsoever and should hang their heads in shame.

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HereAmI 18 days ago

Look at this freak covered with tattoos.
They should be working in the Satanic Temple, not in a hospital.

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gordonsumner 24 days ago (edited)

Hospital workers are the MOST mind-controlled Government-Obeying cucks of ALL the cucks in the world. WE better start our own hospitals NOW...or be prepared to stay home even if we get serious, real diseases...because we WILL be KILLED and sacrificed in any government hospital we enter from now on IF we go against their covid agenda.

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iNFiDEL 26 days ago

You need to speak Paki with half of the NHS and they are only in it for the money. The NHS is the last place to be safe.

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Konigtiger1945 27 days ago

NHS .criminal organisation..last time I had owt to do with these people was 1984 when they forced poison into my arm at school. I fell off roof..broke a collar bone & an angle and suffered at home in bed. Fuck em. Trust em as far as I can throw em

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27 days ago

And, he wouldn’t have copd, if not for the chemtrails.

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