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Serving the Police with Notices for Treason, Fraud and Crimes Against Humanity Stage 1 to be continued.

Published on 28 Oct 2020 / In Police State / J.W.O.

Common Law takes action via the People of England.

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HereAmI 29 days ago

It's truly beautiful to see these PIGS getting the tables turned on them.
THEY HAVE CHOSEN TO SERVE A CORRUPT MASTER, and it will all blow up horribly in their faces.
They do not deserve to be either compensated or eulogized - they are criminals, each and every one, and too craven to DO WHAT IS RIGHT.

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Charles Fockaert
Charles Fockaert 7 months ago

Fellow best vut that beard grip. Someone's gonna grab that beard handle in a tussle and it will hurt like hell.

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Bob_Crowther_UK 7 months ago

yip ... he looks and sounds like a middle class dude who's clicked on that he's about to get the 6x6 batten across the head unless he acts now. Good for him.

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Proudcelt 7 months ago

Remember Boris Johnson and the fabians in Parliament are getting rid of our constitution

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DARRYL DUNCAN 7 months ago

That is a very good thing when you call the authorities to account for their crimes. I have never been able to call them to account for their wrongful prosecution and imprisonment of myself in cases where I could show proofs that the District Attorneys of 2 Tennessee counties committed crimes with the police and Sheriffs Departments but as a prisoner I did force them to have to build a new County Jail. I have never graduated High School, never got a GED even after 20 years in the Education Departments of State and Federal Prison but the laws is something anyone can use towards making something right when it comes to crimes committed by your Sheriff's and police. Each Federal Courthouse has the books which they will mail to you for free simply by requesting them. Certain Civil lawsuits allow you to call the Authorities to account for their crimes and one is called the "42 USC 1983 Form". You get copies of this form for each of the defendants you wish to name and one for yourself and others and these are UNDER COLOR OF LAW. Legal and binding it gives you power to speak up for your rights. Federal Authorities such as United States Marshals and prison authorities fall under a different form and this is called the "Bivens Act". When filing a lawsuit against authorities you need have other people sign it with you to give weight to your accusations. All laws have fallacies which are ways allowing them to commit crime against people and the methods of making things right is up to you to call them to account for.

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billyFM 7 months ago

Thanks for this great post.

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