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Serene's Farce Action Part 2

Published on 27 Jan 2021 / In Cointel Pro Shills

I thought it was a class action?
... apparently the paperwork for the Class Action should be filed any day now...

updated version of Serene's Farce Action Part 1 - - it is both shorter and has more info than the original made in August 2020.

the clip of Serene Teffaha's speech in Broad Meadows Victoria Australia was uploaded to numerous locations ... full speech -

'If we need to shed bl00d so be it': COVID-19 restrictions class action lawyer goes off script -
"She is also representing Jenny D'Ubios, who escaped hotel quarantine in Perth on Boxing Day after claiming her detention was a violation of her human rights and based on a virus that did not exist. Ms D'Ubios was put into a maximum-security prison after police found out Ms Teffaha had mistakenly given the wrong address in her bail application."

"Ms Teffaha appeared at a rally in Broadmeadows on December 6 to prosecute her argument against coronavirus restrictions, with a speech that described bureaucrats as "liars", judges as "corrupt" and the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) as "the most terrorist organisation". She also said there was no need to wear masks at a time they were mandatory in numerous settings in Victoria."

posts - various - advocateme, class action update posts, various public websites of Serene's supports. Links are in the video if you want them.

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SeekinYah 3 months ago

If she was any threat, she would have been disbarred.

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AnxiousAussie 3 months ago

yeah... I am more concerned about ripping ppl off and misinforming them. But Another activist is dealing with that side of it. Too many ppl sucked in by these whack jobs.

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SeekinYah 3 months ago

@AnxiousAussie: Guessing we shouldn't expect her to be informing her "clients" that the entire polotical class are up to their cabletows' in treason any time soon.

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