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Sent the children across the street, but did not go on her own.

Published on 16 Nov 2020 / In Pets & Animals

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Allophylian 5 months ago

Dindu Parenting 101

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Like watching a train wreck. There have been multiple studies showing that kids DO NOT have the developed brain and peripheral vision to adequately navigate busy roads UNTIL later teenage years. They are like dogs, kangaroos and frankly kids up until then. This is WHY supervision in needed, always even with training. Those kids were going to run. Kids ALWAYS are 'going to run' and guess what, they DO NOT see the car which kills them and if they do they freeze just like in this video. Hold your kids hands, keep them on a leash or have them under verbal control near busy roads, just like your dogs. It's a good thing for that kid though that kids are made of rubber and bounce.

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卐卐卐 Schadenfreude 卐卐卐

And then they drag her off the road. Should have not moved her at all and waited for emt. Poor girl wasnt looking, trusted her moms command to go. And the mom reacted like she could care less. Probably wanted it to happen, subconsciously or otherwise.

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II_TheRook_II 6 months ago

Yep, my first thought was that the mother couldn’t care less.

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Coog 6 months ago


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POLAND_STRONK 6 months ago

At first I thought that was DeLorean but
they just tactically hided behind car from left so driver coming from right can't see them.
Btw ALWAYS hold kids hand around street... you never know ;]

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