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Selling your Soul is Real

Melissa Lev
Published on 29 Mar 2021 / In Satanism / Occult
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Freedom 24 days ago (edited)

Only people that are born with a soul and spirit even have the option to sell out. The rest of them can't sell something they never had. This is why only people who HAD the soul to sell will be in hell with satan and his angels. People who never had the option to serve God and have salvation can not be judged on their free will choice. This means many people will just cease to exist when they die, never to be judged..........People born with a spirit comes from God the same way a baby come from their mother. Adamites are literally part of God and their soul was created in heaven before they ever came to earth. Souls merely soujourn through this world as a purification process to weed out who those who do not love God enough turn from this world. Some sell out for a very small price; others the devil offers more to depending on how he can use them. He wanted Jesus so much he offered him the whole world.

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apekillerX 24 days ago

All of Israel shall be saved ! Not some of them :( White Aryan Adamic Israelite Race ): "ALL OF THEM". Though some may be raised to everlasting contempt and all their works burned up in the fire ; they will still have eternal life. As Jesus Christ told Nicodemus : " Unless you are born from above , you cannot enter into the Kingdom of Heaven". Listen to William Fincks on and you will soon discover everything true about the White Race - fake ass jews / SOS and their global horde of 9 billion weaponized subhumanity. Yahweh Bless !!

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Freedom 24 days ago

@apekillerX: I would disagree. Read the parable of Matt 22. Many will turn away from their offer and hate their birth rite as Esau did. That is when God goes into the Gentiles and invites some of them to take the place of the Adamites who did not take the offer.

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