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Self Spreading Vaccines is no Myth??

Published on 02 May 2021 / In Covid 19 84 / HoloCough

⁣Self spreading vaccines is no myth??

Page number 45 from the following PDF produced by Johns Hopkins University ( The same one which has been heavily inolved in this fake pandemic.

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watching_the_watchers 8 days ago (edited)

mmm dont go with that...its not a vaxxine..spike proteins are a BIG problem but the snake oil needs to be injected with consent to get the mrna, nanotech,peg,parasites,luciferase ,dna snips from aborted fetus and who knows what else into the veins its a contract with satan

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Spectralwulf 8 days ago

So if virologists and the medical industry are allowed to play God - does that mean everyone else is as well? My role as God would start by judging and condemning all those that insist on unnatural, involuntary manipulation of human biology. All forms of biological weapons and medical tyranny deserve ruthless, divine judgement. Since anyone can play now - that would include the court of the venerable Judge Lynch.

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REECE 9 days ago

more bullshit

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Soldier1 9 days ago

I don't believe them.

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