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Scottish Clans

Published on 06 Mar 2021 / In Wholesome / Feel Good
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apekillerX 3 months ago

White's need to unite against the real enemies of our people !

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Spectralwulf 3 months ago

The Jacobites cleverly and decisively won two of the three major battles against the redcoats in the Jacobite war, but totally fucked up on the third. It was madness to attack the British at Culloden when they were set up with guns and artillery in position at the ready. Because Scotland is often rainy and foggy, using swords and shields was still effective when black powder muskets could be easily neutralized and reduced to a spear/club by the constant moisture. Whenever the Scots got within grappling range, the Brit musketeers were at a disadvantage as they found being hacked up with swords and halberds rather terrifying and would often flee to avoid the medieval barbarism of it. Before Culloden, the Jacobites won the battle of Prestonpans with the help of fog and the battle of Falkirk with help of rain. Culloden must have been too nice of a day for a battle. One might think the Jacobites were deliberately sacrificed on that day.

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