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Saturn and Judaism (Metaphysics of the gods)

Published on 27 Apr 2021 / In Judaism / Talmud

A synopsis of the way Saturn is the planet of the Jews. The number 6 mentioned in the bible many times, and the differences between Jupiter (good, prosperity etc) and Saturn (negativity, restriction, etc). Here's a hint: David never had a star. The only star mentioned in the OT is the star of moloch and remphan, referring to human sacrifice. I'm convinced Jews represent Saturn, aka the "demi-urge," "archons," and "satan." The way they rock back and forth at their wall could be an effort to align their bodily energy centers, aka chakras with the negative energy of Saturn's north pole. That's just a theory but obviously they operate with a dark power....

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Soldier1 14 days ago

I think the eye of Horus is also related to Saturn. Notice how often satanists use the "one eye sign".

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