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Sandy Hook There Were No Actors part 2

Ed Cassidy
Published on 23 Aug 2020 / In Hoaxes / False Flags

The Francine and David Wheeler Traitors. Sandy Hook Without A Doubt Mass Treason For-Profit and Notariaty Also High Position Jobs. How Come So Many Jews Out Front Of The Sandy Hook High Treason.

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Ghost of Violence
Ghost of Violence 2 months ago

havent watched vid yet but have seen hundreds of hours of sandy hoax info back when it went down.

barb starr - cnn pentagon correspondant and jewball,
was an actor in sandy hoax under one fake name,
was in boston bombing under another fake name,
and was at watertown mass. under a 3rd fake name.

trump's first spokesbitch, what was her name conway twatty?
kellyanne conway,
she is a sandy hoax mother in BROWN hair, walking away from the
school in a line of people and was "questioned" by reporters;
her face is extremely distinct and recognizable, hard lines on her face.
so she an actor in this incident - then later is trumps spokesbitch. another dumb whore,
now she's whoring out her 16yr old daughter to remain relevant.

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tomtruther 8 months ago

Even before I had time to care about all of these conspiracies I knew Sandy Hook was garbage. Talk about lack of motive. I said back then why the hell would anybody go shoot up an elementary school? The apparent answer is that white people are crazy violent Killers even though there is no date today evidence the black people are righteous even though day in and day out they can commit crimes at a disproportionate rate. Straight white men are just racist murders. But the synagogue of Satan who has caused every war in recent memory and Eden in distant past are completely normal. Just listen to whatever they say. It's not the angry violent black kids that don't want to learn and ruin schools that are the problem it's the quiet nerdy white kids so you have to watch out for that if they aren't participating in all of the fake Jew debauchery then you better watch out. If they aren't doing drugs keeping up with the latest trends and murdering their unborn children then you better watch out. Those are the bad people

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handerson54 8 months ago

Proves how stupid Americans are, a five year old would know this was a scam. Just as phony as the Boston bombing.

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DOOR44 8 months ago

strange how the mass shooting show was cancelled without notice. did it have anything to do with Obama out of office? Now we're on to Health Hoaxes and Riot Hoaxes to; put small co. out of business, collect insurance, sell more guns, snuff old folks, endless opportunities for Bankers and ALL in 2020 HOAX WORLD TOUR

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ARYAN VIKING 8 months ago

These are the same people who call the shots on everything. Even when we expose their crimes it doesn't matter because they have to be the ones to tell things.

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