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Sandy Hook There Were No Actors part 1

Ed Cassidy
Published on 23 Aug 2020 / In Hoaxes / False Flags

Sandy Hook Was Mass Treason For-Profit and Gun Control From Barack Obama Down to the lowest traitors In Newtown Ct. Including the Governor State and Local Police and FBI.
The Majorities of Property Private and Business were paid off in Newtown DEC. 25th 2009 Yes Christmas day. All Balances too -0- Capstone Event Whole Community Participating For-Profit HIGH TREASON.
Be Sure To View Part 2

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DOOR44 8 months ago

find the crazies and give them a gun

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tomtruther 8 months ago

It's hard to tell if you're serious or not. But that is typically the case. Only the paid crazy are government chills and you are watching a movie. Other than the obvious conspiracies you don't see why people causing problems. It would be more convincing if out of the blue or even on a consistent basis white people did bad things. The fact of the matter is the problems we have are Jews Muslims and blacks.

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14HAILVICTORY88 8 months ago

AS long as ((they)) fool the majority of the people the rest of us who see through this doesn't matter to ((them)) .

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ARYAN VIKING 8 months ago

Very good expose. All it does for me is to make me think that these same cops and law enforcement people and News Source liars are the same people who held me prisoner most of my life.

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IH8Commies 9 months ago

Hi, Dave. What's shakin? (10:30) Lulz :D

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