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San Jose cop beats up satanic CHINK after he gets caught whipping his dirty, diseased dick out in front of kids

Published on 03 Jun 2021 / In Pedophilia / Trafficking

Retarded Ching Chong pretends like he doesn't know his name

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RobbyP 13 days ago

Amazing the pig was able to keep being a scumbag pig after that. Fuck the pedo but cops who beat the shit out of people should be shot

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ChrisCracc 13 days ago

Maybe if people didn't resist arrest, cops wouldn't have to beat the shit out of them. Don't simp for the invaders, it will never work out for any of us.

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RobbyP 12 days ago

@ChrisCracc: No simping here fella. The pedo can die for all I care. But people who seem to enjoy submitting to pigs are just weak and cowardly. I do hope that’s not you dude.

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WhiteNight 13 days ago

pornoMAGIC blessing destroyed many many lives and love

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K43K98 13 days ago

Lol! This is a good cop.

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anomaly 13 days ago

If you were jacking off in a library, obviously in front of people(which probably includes children), that's what you get. I'd say the cop was completely in the right here. In fact, great job.

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Soldier1 13 days ago

I'm more surprised that the cop actually did something about the guy. It did seem a little over the top though.

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ChrisCracc 13 days ago (edited)

NOTHING is too over the top when it comes to protecting the children. I'm sure that's what the cop was thinking about, which pissed him off. He was getting sick and tired of this CHINK playing games and fucking around. Pretending like he doesn't know his fucking name and birthday.

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K43K98 4 days ago

@ChrisCracc: "ellockjack" keeps downvoting anyone who makes fun of this freak for getting beat up. We can guess what kind of shit that guy is into.

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