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RWN! - Special Ep.1 - "The Best of CCN: Saying Goodbye to Old Friends & Times"

Published on 19 Feb 2021 / In Entertainment

*I was once blessed with a bigger group of friends than most people ever meet. As pathetic and lame as this is, it's what my friends and I used to do for fun. ONE of the hobbies we used to have fun doing. I spent countless hours editing this together from the countless hours we had recorded. Unfortunately, you can't often bring your friends on the same journey for truth.

Radio Broadcast/Podcast for those willing to hear! A show to express new forms of thought, ENCOURAGE FREE-THINKING, loud & intense discussions about providing a future America for our children, and the opportunity for Show Hosts & Audience to grow together!

TFR-IRB Network Presents... Radio War NOW! The Anti-Propagandists Podcast.

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1. "Wherever You Are" by Asia
2. "The Fuse" by Bruce Springsteen
3. "Break My Stride" by Matthew Wilder
4. "Hold Onto You" by Bangalore Choir
5. "She's Back" by Victory
6. "Baby, Be Mine" by White Lion
7. "Radio Ga Ga" by Queen
8. "End Of Days" by Vinnie Paz
9. "Unbelievable" by Firehouse
10. "Mad Dog Wine" by Beggars & Thieves
11. "Turn The Key" by Barclay James Harvest
12. "Don't Cry" by Guns N Roses
13. "Things Can Only Get Better" by Howard Jones
14. "The Book Of Love" by Peter Gabriel
15. "I'll Follow You" by REO Speedwagon
16. "Backstreet Symphony" by Thunder
17. "One On One" by Bad Company
18. "All Good Things" by Jackson Browne (yes, we actually played this song on one of our broadcasts)

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