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Russia and Ukraine War has turn into a Tiktok and Twitter clown show! Ukraine new video!

Published on 14 Apr 2021 / In Uncategorized

⁣Russia and Ukraine War has turn into a Tiktok and Twitter clown show! Ukraine new video!

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HereAmI 1 month ago

If the Ukies spoke English, they would have heard the statement "All wars are banker wars."
But they don't, so they haven't.

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vanillaexplosion 1 month ago

Wonder how much those artillery shells weigh in at above. Reason I wonder about shell weight is the west thinks it needs more women in combat and what criterias is needed just to load dangerous heavy things around.

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WhiteMiasma 30 days ago

Oh ye of little faith.

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Ghost of Violence
Ghost of Violence 10 days ago

it's not the west, it's the jews running everything, they run all nations and everything is lies in multiple directions.
as with WWII they will again have many whites slaughtering other whites,

meanwhile earth's census in 1930 said it was 35% white,
and the global census for 2010 said it is now 8% white,
and one half of that votes leftwing,
so there are only 4% of this planet that is even halfway decent people,

and the jews will have them kill each other for WWIII.

i'm concerned for the spiritual saving and for the small remnant of whites that will survive. most whites will die because they are too stupid to even research data on the jewballs. the foxnews crowd and the cnn crowd are utterly deceived. along with those who listen to alexjones, or q-anon.

very few of us really know what is truth; i'm comfy with this, it is souls at stake.

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WhiteMiasma 4 days ago

Wise words Brother.

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_VAX_ROBOTS 1 month ago

Give Darpa a call and send in the racist jew controlled bots

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Scatterbrainkid 1 month ago

You know they’ve already called and offered to deploy them.

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WhiteMiasma 4 days ago

Everywhere these things are is a test facility under optimum conditions. I saw a video of a miniature tank that was supposed to support troops. All the soldiers were not at all at ease with it and even then it was not armed with live ammunition. 30 seconds out of the box and the stupid thing tried to drive down some steps that a 7 year old on a skateboard could have done tricks on, and the robot jammed itself under the railing and they had to yank it out with a truck.

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