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Rotten banana lookin nigger

Published on 21 Mar 2021 / In Niggers
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SR42_SpicNazi 2 days ago

Something both blacks and jews are good at .. doing nothing but beg .. and steal Enter dominion unBLOCK Me

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AppalachianAmerican 1 month ago


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NewWorldCircus 1 month ago

Their souless, hateful gazes always send chills down my back.
I know they're not human.

3 yrs ago I was walking through the mall (I used to live in a very liberal state, the kind of state that cucks to NIGGERS and Muslims).
Anyways, it was the weekend, and the mall was packed.
I was just walking around, through all of these people.
All of a sudden I get this instinct to look to my left.
What do I see? Take a guess.

A very dark skinned NIGGER with dead brown pupils in the center of bright white eye balls.
The only white on his face was the white on his eyes.
His skin dark as a turd.
He was sitting at a Starbuck's.
Wearing a hoodie that shrouded around his face as he sat leaning forward STARING me like he was looking for lunch.
Not kidding, my entire body underwent this shock of anxiety and discomfort.
I knew deep down this THING was not human.
He was hunting, looking his white man prey.
He was looking for trouble.
I knew because, I made direct eye contact, he refused to break eye contact.
I knew that if I maintained, he would chimp out.
I broke eye contact, and kept it moving.

It's pretty funny and terrifying all at once that the people of such a pathetically liberal state believe they can civilize these jungle apes.

It will NEVER happen.
They are filth, through and through.

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skez 1 month ago

abos in aus do the same they wait till u make eye contact even tho they are staring at u...and chimp out....they use the u looking at me as an excuse to jump u but there is always a heap of them...

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SNAP_EBT 2 months ago

Helping Blacks for many decades.

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