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RON RICKLES and JEWS ruling the world

Published on 18 Oct 2020 / In Jewish Question

In jest they tell you their plan. People never listened or took notice.

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time_traveler 1 month ago

i never understood the praise rickles got. he was always a fat jew bastard. every time he was a show he could barely breathe he was so fat. and he’s one of the ugliest creatures to ever be in showbiz.

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JeffnDenmark 1 month ago
Konigtiger1945 1 month ago

Hustler in Kelly’s Hero’s..a part written for a Jew

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White Power
White Power 1 month ago

I can not STAND that filthy hook nosed don prickles piece of shit, he never was funny in my opinion.

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Armageddon 1 month ago

He's a cunt.

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Trey Xanthean
Trey Xanthean 1 month ago

he tells the truth and then pretends it is a joke. sly DEVIL!

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