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Ron Goldman, PhD braved the jeers & mockery on The Maury Povich Show in 1993

Published on 30 Jan 2021 / In Uncategorized

Ron Goldman, PhD, director of the Circumcision Resource Center in Boston, braved the jeers & mockery on The Maury Povich Show in 1993 to discuss the adverse effects of infant male circumcision. Dr. Goldman is the respected author of "Circumcision: The Hidden Trauma."
How an American Cultural Practice Affects Infants and Ultimately Us All

? Faith-Based Information on Circumcision ?

Great Parenting Websites ?

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Lever_Action 4 months ago

I have had many memories of things that occurred before I was even a year old that were corroborated by family members years later. The human mind is the final frontier, not space. Everyone has different abilities, my forte (so to speak) has always been in memorization and pattern recognition and the ability to read people and situations. I do believe, however, that on the aggregate psychiatry and therapy are a load of horseshit that the juden have used a weapon for 150 years against mankind

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