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Rapper gets life sentence (reaction)

Published on 16 Mar 2021 / In Satanic Music Industry

YNW Melly's Reaction To Receiving A Life Sentence

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iNFiDEL 3 months ago

Their IQ will always be their undoing

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NewWorldCircus 4 months ago

I used to work with NIGGERS.

They love drama, fighting and bullshit.

They live for it.

Unless there's violence, anger, hatred, negativity in the air, they are not happy.
They're happy when they're not happy, and sad when they're happy.

This species is not human.
But, animal.

They are spiritually dark entities embodying the human body.
They are not human in their hearts.
They are filthy, predators.

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NewWorldCircus 4 months ago

So, these retards journal their criminal behavior INTO their music????

These people are low IQ morons.
They have no business living in America.
They need to go back to Africa.

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FridgeDucky 4 months ago

not good enough... send that nigger into the jungles of africa forever that's a real-life sentence

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theliquidatedrabbi 4 months ago

Thats an entire holding cell of demons.

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