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"White Supremacy Violence Is Our Greatest Threat" EP61 wont someone think of the children?

Dan TheOracle
Published on 26 Jul 2020 / In Pets & Animals

NEXT EPISODE EP62 old friends bump into each other
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EP59 broke: jogger, woke: dancer.
EP58 its a walk in the park
EP57 One race, the human race...
EP56 example of white racism
EP55 school boy scuffle
EP54 trump rally
EP53 largely peaceful stabbing spree in Reading
EP52 just washing the car
EP51 road block
EP50 she relaxed
EP49 just browsing
EP48 a new normal
EP47 The new french...
EP46 children are precious
EP45 Police officer stops for coffee.
EP44 deBlasio's NYC
EP43 67-year-old Are you noticing the patterns yet
EP42 chillds play the squeal...
EP41 childs play
EP40 this guy gets an equal vote
EP39 Australian public transport
EP 38 toll status
EP 37 #BlackLivesMatter????
EP 36 lynching in America
EP 35 the luck of the Irish
EP 34 more white supremacy violence
EP 33 beautiful Ireland
EP 32 presented without comment
EP 31 terrorists always make the news, right?
EP 30 air travel.
EP 29 shoe shopping
EP 28 fast food
EP 27 new dating style in diversified Netherlands
EP 26 Beautiful Eindhoven, Netherlands edition.
EP 25 evolution and learning to use tools...
EP 24 peaceful blood donation at the blood bank
EP 23 friendly police interaction
EP 22 friendly game of girls basketball
EP 21 asian edition
EP 20 a simple banking transaction
ep 19 The Top 25 Most Dangerous Cities In America
ep 18 "she white"
ep 17 Aussie Christmas
ep 16 Christmas shopping
ep 15 guys UPS job ended
ep 14 a fair fight
ep 13 Beautiful, Peaceful Netherlands
ep 12 a friendly game of football
ep 11 schoolgirl while white
ep 10 popeyes while white
ep 9 schooling while white
ep 8 subway trannies
ep 7 phone shopping whilst white
ep 6 texas A&M edition
ep 5 german "refugee" edition
ep 4 subway edition
ep 3 dublin edition
ep 2 taco bell edition
ep 1 the 'burbs

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WeAreLivingThe666 7 months ago

I’d shoot all them of them niggers

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southern1861 11 months ago

Anyone that likes this is Evil. Just as one comment said, its 5 or more against one white person. definitely COWARDS. They lost the ability to be called a human. They need to be put away. uncontrollable low IQ pricks

   0    1
Dan TheOracle
Dan TheOracle 11 months ago

they arent liking what is happening in the video they like that unlike any other media im shining a light on it

   2    0
PFAER 11 months ago

They are always in mobs.

   4    0
goy_in_the_machine 11 months ago

yeah they always do...

   3    0
mrdevlin 10 months ago

that's how monkeys roll that and sucker punching white people and the elderly !

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Eliza_Gant 11 months ago

fucking animals

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Dan TheOracle
Dan TheOracle 11 months ago

thats really unfair to animals, most will never harm you untill you happen to startle them and make them scared. even things like snakes and bears will for the most part avoid people at all costs... these are just niggers... and sadly typical niggers..

   5    0
goy_in_the_machine 11 months ago

@DanTheOracle: correct niggers do this shit, animals avoid humans as much as possible.

   3    0
mrdevlin 10 months ago

@DanTheOracle: I should stop calling them monkeys its not fair on the primates witch are obviously more intelligent !

   2    0
Duckandcover 11 months ago

They are spots, blemishes brute Beast made to to be put down

   1    0
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