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"Vaxxed" guy passes out behind the wheel and almost kills 2 men

Published on 13 Jun 2021 / In Uncategorized

⁣"Vaxxed" guy passes out behind the wheel and almost kills 2 men

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simFortyseVen 1 month ago

Thank 'Jehova' no one got the couf.

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Iverology_Phd 1 month ago

He almost vaccinated 2 more men.

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scm_bacont 1 month ago

The poor boat!

I'm willing to bet this story gets sound faster than a top...

"Turns out the driver was allergic to McDonald's he ate prior to the vaxx!" Or "He didn't get his beauty sleep the night prior, so he passed out from all of his excitement for get the poison stick... I mean CV-19 vaxx!!"

They're going to say something completely retarded, just wait!

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asbelowsoabove 1 month ago

could see that coming
now watch the push for retarded electric 'smart' cars, that will trap folk into urban areas, because if they break down out of town you are screwed without a portable diesel generator

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Freedom 1 month ago

Surprised this is even being reported this way.

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