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"This is only the beginning." Acting U.S. Attorney on initial charges against members of pro-Trump mob who stormed U.S. Capitol: "We have the ability to then indict these individuals on more significant charges—and that's exactly what has happened."

Dan TheOracle
Published on 14 Jan 2021 / In News & Politics

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Just a simple question?? Is this person a jew? sure looks like one...

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Dan TheOracle
Dan TheOracle 4 months ago

im not convinced anyone can tell a jew just from looks. of the "best" people i have been claim to be able to at best they get maybe 10-20% right but they have ever ever once seen someone who isnt a jew who people claimed to be a jew and put the record straight so im sure its just conformation bias mixed with pot luck. someone who cant at least get 75% right frankly is no beter than just a guess and for me to trust them they would have to get confirm and debunks at atleast 90% before i would even begin to care.

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signsoflifeJen 6 months ago

"...the range of criminal activity is something unmatched we've ever seen..."
My goodness, America has been laid waste to these horrific terrorists & the body count MUST HAVE been in the TENS of THOUSA... What's that? One girl was shot by a Secret Service Agent & four others died from MEDICAL CONDITIONS???

.............................. nvrmnd

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Bbmaddsharp11 6 months ago

Trump! Trump! Trump! ...:/ womp womp womp

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What a faggot.

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milhouse 7 months ago

Whites Must Develop, like the Jews, An Ethno-Religious Nationalist Movement

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Dan TheOracle
Dan TheOracle 7 months ago

the jews who are destrpying us are not religious. lying religious have done nothing but fuck my people over since they were first invented... no.. fuck retarded religion we need a movement of truth and meritocracy

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