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"This Is A Fight Over The Dying Corpse Of America"

Published on 24 May 2021 / In Uncategorized

"This Is A Fight Over The Corpse Of America"

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frogsgottalent 2 months ago

For those who don't know, I highly recommend HEMA ( Historical European Martial Arts ). Our forefathers used these techniques for over two thousand years and it is devistatingly effective.

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bannedforhatespeech 2 months ago

America died in 1907 and we've been living in a rotting corps ever since.

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TheRealmcGoy1 2 months ago (edited)

Where is the jew in this story ..?The swstika is not about colours in the first place . Probably a jew is telling this propoganda .

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Zombie_Annihilation 2 months ago (edited)

racial consciousness is probably never going to happen in city dwelling yuppies and if it did it would become some sort bastardized version that snobs salt of the earth working class whites with elitist platitudes and sanctimonious precepts while they engage in invite only cocktail party "activism."

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Roy Benthall
Roy Benthall 2 months ago

Really, thats all any of us can do right now. Time is a cruel mistress. Unrelenting and cold. Always pressing forward with or without us. In time, they will see the truth, regardless of what they want. Eventually the road will lead most of our people home. They wont be left with any option. Unfortunately we must wait, on a cruel mistress. Awake who you can when you can.

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